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PRODUCT ASSEMBLY AND PACKAGING During the post-production phase, an additional…

During the post-production phase, an additional control is performed on the product (mainly visual and aesthetic). The product packaging and labeling instructions established in agreement with the customer are carefully observed. Our services include:
  • Mechanical assemblies: using automation for screwing, riveting and greasing the components.
  • Wrapping: using semi-automatic and automatic machines with 100% weight control at the end of the line to guarantee the completeness of the kit.
  • Packaging: we can pack the products in customized boxes and prepare the pallets for shipment, satisfying any special need (fumigated pallets, different heights, different pallet configurations)
  • Instruction manuals: we can produce internally most of the instruction manuals of your assembled products.
  • Labeling of the products as per customer’s specific request
Great accuracy, compliance with the highest production standards, speed, and punctuality:  thanks to our trained assembly department we can provide our customers with certified products, allowing them to reduce costs, save time and internal resources, while maintaining high product quality. Our industrial assembly services allow a precision assembly. To guarantee the control and tracking during the whole production process, we are equipped with an automated system of barcodes for the management of raw materials and components.